The Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that serves all Coloradoans by supporting and protecting one of Colorado's most unique and valuable natural resources - wildlife. We emphasize: critical habitat preservation and restoration; species recovery; and wildlife education, research, and recreation.


The Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation over the years has created and administered many programs and funding initiatives. Our projects have a broad appeal and range. From the Colorado Waterfowl Stamp program to providing mitigation funds for habitat improvement, the foundation furthers the mission of the organization and directly benefits wildife.


As a small dedicated nonprofit the Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation relies upon donations and gifts from individuals to help fulfill our important work and to fulfill the mission of protecting Colorado's natural wildlife. With your support we can ensure that wildlife and critical habitat can be preserved for generations to come.

Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation

PO Box 101029 

Denver, CO 80210

(719) 600-7655

Conservation and Habitat Management

The Foundation holds over 65,000 acres of land under conservation easements, preserving Colorado's open lands for wildlife and the public.