Our Programs. Working for Wildlife. 

In pursuit of our mission, the Foundation serves all Coloradans by supporting and protecting one of Colorado's most unique and valuable natural resources - wildlife. Much of our work directly benefits wildlife and consequently beneifits all citizens of Colorado.

Mitigation Funds

The Foundation works closely with State & Federal Agencies, multinational corporations, nonprofit organizations and the public to provide funding and resource support services for wildlife and habitat conservation projects statewide. Towards that end, the Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation administers over $2 million in mitigation funds. These funds are disbursed as needed to improve habitat for wildlife.





Conservation Easements

The Foundation holds over 65,000 acres of land under conservation easements, preserving Colorado's open lands for wildlife and for people. CWHF staff conducts easement monitoring on Fox Ranch and Medano Zapata Ranch annually to ensure all land uses fall within the guidelines of the easement.


In 2012, Fox Ranch hosted a youth turkey hunt with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. CPW organizes these hunts to introduce youth to proper hunting practices, instill stewardship and conservation ethics, and help young people understand wildlife management. In addition to these educational opportunities, the Ranch also conducted activities to control invasive species and support scientific research.


The Medano Zapata Ranch also provides educational and recreation opportunities to the public, in addition to preserving critical habitat for wildlife. CWHF ensures that all changes and activities on both properties do not detract from the conservation values of the land and protects these undeveloped lands for future generations.

Wildlife Conservation & Research

The Foundation is continually looking to support wildlife projects and seeks funding and partnerships to further that endeavor. The most recent project undertaken by the Foundation was the reintroduction of the Lynx into Colorado. 


The Foundation succesfully raised $600,000 to assist Colorado Parks and Wildlife in realeasing fifty Lynx into Southwestern Colorado and the San Juan mountains. By building partnerships with mulitple organizations, individuals, and wildlife officials the project was deemed a success and the lynx population is now self-sustainable. 


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